Carlsen – Caruana: fashion world battles on 64 squares of chess board

Fabiano Caruana

The American-Italian Fabiano Caruana, current number 2 of the international chess ranking and next challenger for the chess world championship that will take place next November in London, could do so by dressing an Italian brand.

Fabiano Caruana
Fabiano Caruana

According to what was recently published by an American newspaper, the American brand Thom Browne has made an offer to Caruana to officially dress it with their brand (link:

What many may not know is that the Italian group “Ermenegildo Zegna“, a world leader in luxury men’s clothing, has recently acquired 85% of the Thom Browne brand, thus becoming its majority shareholder (link:

So here in an unusual development of the events Fabiano Caruana “the Harry Potter of chess” with double Italian-American passport, after having left in the summer of 2016 the Italian Chess Federation to play with the USA Team and win its first Olympics chess in Baku / Azerbaijan in September 2016, comes back now to be testimonial of Italy thanks to Italian fashion.

Liv Tyler / Magnus Carlsen per G Star-Raw
Liv Tyler / Magnus Carlsen per G Star-Raw

Caruana is currently again engaged as a top player and the first US Team official chess at the 43rd Chess Olympics taking place in Batumi, Georgia, from September 23rd to October 6th.

The US won all three first matches played in the Olympics and yesterday Caruana defeated the former Indian world champion Vishnathan “Vishy” Anand leading the United States to victory against the strong Indian team number 5.

Will it be enough for Fabiano Caruana, next November at the World Chess Championship, his undoubted chess talent and the elegance guaranteed by the brand Thom Browne / Ermenegildo Zegna to defeat the current champion, Norwegian, Magnus Carlsen?

Magnus Carlsen, a young Norwegian talent of 26 years, has long been a testimonial of the G Star-Raw brand with whom he also made a photographic campaign in New York City with the actress and model Liv Tyler.

As in 1972 in the world match of Rejkjavik (Iceland) between Fischer and Spassky the answer will arrive on the 64 squares of the board.

Matteo Zoldan

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Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018 – live streaming

Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

On the occasion of the Olympics at Batumi in Georgia, Chess Projects ASD has prepared a live stream for the Italian fans covering most of the event with commented games.

An exclusive broadcast in Italian from 1.00 pm (Italian time) will be available for free by accessing the Chess Projects website: or on the Youtube page: or finally on the Chess24 portal: (Olympics section 43 Batumi Italian flag).

On 24-25-26 September and 02-03-04-05 October the FSI/CMF Masters Matteo Zoldan, Valerio Di Fonzo, Ludwig Rettore, Nicolò Pasini and the International Master Oskar Wieczorek will alternate on the live commentary, accompanied in some days by welcome guests.

Monday 24/09 at 1.00 pm Italian time (3.00 pm Batumi time) the Chess Projects’ Dream Stream will begin the broadcast in streaming live video on Chess24 of the Chess Olympiad taking place from 24/09 until 05/10 in Batumi (Georgia), dedicated to the Italian chess community.

The games will be commented in Italian.


24/09 : Matteo Zoldan (Maestro FSI, CMF FIDE) and Luciano Carparelli (Candidato Maestro FSI)
25/09 : Matteo Zoldan (Maestro FSI , CMF FIDE) and Valerio Di Fonzo (Maestro FSI, CMF FIDE)
26/09 : Matteo Zoldan (Maestro FSI / CMF FIDE) and Valerio Di Fonzo (Maestro FSI, CMF FIDE)
Pausa dal 27/09 al 01/10
02/10 : IM Oskar Wieczorek (IM FIDE) and Ludwig Rettore (Maestro FSI)
03/10 : IM Oskar Wieczorek (IM FIDE) and Ludwig Rettore (Maestro FSI)
04/10 : IM Oskar Wieczorek (IM FIDE) and Ludwig Rettore (Maestro FSI)
05/10 09.00 : IM Oskar Wieczorek (IM FIDE) and Ludwig Rettore (Maestro FSI)

On some days there will be welcome guests.


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