Oggi si decide tutto al Campionato del mondo di scacchi!

Today, at 3PM UK Time (10 AM EST), tie-breaks of the World Chess Championship Match begin in London’s Holborn.

A Match with 12 straight draws has shown that the players, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana, are evenly matched. The title will de decided in tie-breaks consisting of 4 rapid games, then (if needed) 10 blitz and an Armageddon.

Tune-in and follow the games online. You can sign-up for premium account with live commentary by Judit Polgar and Anna Rudolph.

The post-Match press conference and exclusive interviews will be available live and free to all at worldchess’s Facebook live channel and Youtube.

Read all: https://mailchi.mp/worldchess/world-chess-olympiad-starts-in-one-hour-follow-it-live-477809?e=611c688156

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