6th “Scacchi Sport della mente” YOUTH TOURNAMENT


6° TORNEO GIOVANILE 2016 Scacchi Sport della mente

Domenica mattina, 04 Dicembre 2016

Sede di gioco: Accademia Scacchi Milano presso Circolo “I Navigli” in via De Amicis, 14 (scala entrando a sinistra, 1° piano) 20123 – Milano

Raggiungibile con: MM2 fermata S.Ambrogio, poi due fermate autobus 94 che ferma quasi di fronte al civico 14 di Via De Amicis.

Torneo Giovanile: riservato ai giocatori Under 16

Iscrizioni: € 10,00 (ridotto a € 5,00 per i soci di Accademia Scacchi Milano e per i partecipanti al TUSAT 2016/17)

Turni: 5
Orario chiusura iscrizioni: 8.45
Orario chiusura iscrizioni: 9.15
Orario di inizio torneo: 9.45
Orario di fine torneo: entro le 12.45
Premiazione: intorno alle 12.45
Tempo di riflessione: 15 minuti per giocatore

Premi Torneo ESORDIENTI:
coppe per i primi TRE classificati ASSOLUTI, medaglioni per i primi TRE classificati di fascia e medaglie per TUTTI i partecipanti

Fasce di età:
Under 8: nati nel 2008 e successivi
Under 10: nati nel 2007 e 2006
Under 12: nati nel 2005 e 2004
Under 14: nati nel 2003 e 2002
Femminile: qualsiasi età sotto i 16 anni

Premi Torneo ESPERTI: coppe per i primi TRE classificati ASSOLUTI, medaglioni per il PRIMO CLASSIFICATO di fascia, e medaglie per TUTTI i partecipanti

Tesseramento: per tutti coloro che NON sono all’esordio nella partecipazione ad un torneo di scacchi è richiesta l’affiliazione per l’anno 2017 ad una associazione sportiva scacchistica iscritta alla FSI.
Chi non fosse in regola con tale affiliazione per il 2016 può tesserarsi prima o sul posto a Chess Projects ASD al costo di € 15,00 (validità fino al 31/12/17) oppure ad Accademia Scacchi Milano.

PER CONTATTI: Chess Projects ASD: Via Marghera, 47 – 20149 Milano info@chesspro.it

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49th Italian Team Championship Master and 10th Women 2017 assigned to Chess Projects


As reported on the official minutes of the Italian Chess Federation (FSI) published today Chess Projects receives the assignment in order to organize the 49th Italian Team Championship Master and 10th Women 2017, chess event which will take place then, at Ecoresort Le Sirenè Gallipoli (Le) from 21st to 25th April 2017 in collaboration with Caroli Hotels and CR Puglia FSI.

The event will therefore be hosted at the headquarters of the already proven Open Salento, now in its 6th edition (this year the appointment is confirmed and we will not fail to make notes in November the exact dates schedule).

We point out first of all that with the organization at an institutional event of this prestige the resort’s flagship Caroli Hotels will fully intended to host this event contour activity room where some of the comments titrated will alternate in commenting on the game live for the spectators and for chess enthusiast that will follow on web.

In particular, the main playing hall of the CIS Master will be hosted at the newly renovated conference room of the hotel, where in the past the awards were held the Open of Salento.

They will also be available:

a ‘dedicated web area on the Chess Projects website with all the information about tevent and hotel and tourism

prices for accomodation at Ecoresort Le Sirenè Gallipoli (hosting chess venue) with access to all the facilities of the hotel (private beach, swimming pool, soccer field, tennis court, pinewood)

proces for accomodation at Joly Hotel Gallipoli (city center) with access for those who stays there to all facilities hosted at Ecoresort Le Sirenè (private beach, swimming pool, soccer field, tennis court, pinewood)

easy and cheaper transfers from Brindisi airport and the railway station of Brindisi and Lecce to the two partner hotels

excursions to visit the old town of Gallipoli and the historic city of Lecce during the days of single afternoon shift

Before closing, and looking forward to December when all the information are available we take this opportunity to thank the FSI for the trust: it is the second time (our ASD had already organized this event in 2013 in Lombardy at that Bratto / Bergamo) that Chess Projects is incharged to organise this event that can boast of all the institutional presence of the largest number of titled players (in the past, something like 20 GMs and 30 IMs took part in the editions of the Masters tournament).

All with the hope that this will also be the year of the revival of the CIS Women with a significant presence in terms of qualitative and quantitative.

We also thank the CR Puglia FSI for supporting this project; from our side as well as guaranteeing maximum effort to achieve the best success of the event are confident that, unlike what unfortunately happened in 2013 in Bratto, this event can become an opportunity for interaction and growth for the chess movement of the host region.

Welcome in Puglia to 49th CIS Master and 10th Female 2017

Chess Projects ASD

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Comitato Regionale Lombardia Scacchi FSI

Programma elettorale
«Walter Ravagnati Presidente»

Consigliere in quota società’: GIANFRANCO DRAGONI (CLUB WASKEN BOYS ASD)
Consigliere in quota società’: GIUSEPPE SGRO’ (A.D. SCACCHI L’ALFIERE DI CARUGATE)
Consigliere in quota giocatori: MATTEO ZOLDAN (CHESS PROJECTS ASD)
Consigliere in quota istruttori: ARISTIDE ZORZI (A.S.D. SCUOLA DI SCACCHI TORRE & CAVALLO)

Clicca su ciascuna diapositiva per ingrandirla e scarica il programma in formato pdf:













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