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Chess Projects hereby intends to protect its image and the professionalism of its staff and producer Valeria Ferrara who worked for us, helping to carry out the streaming of the matches and the management of the liveviewer in the last two editions of the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Italian Team Championship, emphasizing that it has no connection with what has been made in the one currently in progress.

Our logo linked to the transmission present on Chess24 is used, presumably due to an error, without our authorization.
We are providing to ask the person responsible for the prompt elimination.

Chess Projects

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Tie-breaks will determine the Champion today!


Today, at 3PM UK Time (10 AM EST), tie-breaks of the World Chess Championship Match begin in London’s Holborn.

A Match with 12 straight draws has shown that the players, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana, are evenly matched. The title will de decided in tie-breaks consisting of 4 rapid games, then (if needed) 10 blitz and an Armageddon.

Tune-in and follow the games online. You can sign-up for premium account with live commentary by Judit Polgar and Anna Rudolph.

The post-Match press conference and exclusive interviews will be available live and free to all at worldchess’s Facebook live channel and Youtube.

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