Scacchi al DISTRICT 47 – Inaugurazione


Scacchi al DISTRICT47


La prima serata di ritrovo nel nuovo chess cafè “District 47” di via Marghera 47 a Milano è stata più che soddisfacente: musica di sottofondo, birra rinfrescante, materiale scacchistico in legno, orologi digitali… e 12 agguerriti scacchisti presenti!

Livello tecnico vario con 1 maestro, 4 candidati maestri, alcune categorie nazionali e qualche neofita. Un ringraziamento a Scacchi Polimi che ha partecipato.

Prima di lasciarvi alle foto vi ricordiamo che questo spazio pur essendo un progetto di aggregazione sociale sviluppato da Chess Projects prescinde da vincoli di appartenenza e di circolo scacchistico…TUTTI sono BENVENUTI.

Gli unici vincoli sono educazione, voglia di condividere la propria passione scacchistica…e la CONSUMAZIONE OBBLIGATORIA (almeno una per serata, al costo di € 6,00 birra e analcolici e di € 8,00 per i cocktail)

Prossimo appuntamento martedì 06 febbraio dove oltre al gioco libero si svolgerà anche un TORNEO LAMPO (5 minuti) con inizio alle 21.30 e un numero di turni imprecisato a seconda dei partecipanti (indicativamente fra 8 e 12 turni) con preferenza per il round robin dove ogni giocatore incontra tutti gli altri.

Indicazioni finali di carattere logistico e non: District 47 si trova a 50 mt. dall’uscita delle metropolitana De Angeli che da sull’omonima piazza, al District 47 è possibile mangiare panini e insalate per chi volesse prima degustare una pizza in Via Marghera esistono ben tre possibilità, tutte piuttosto economiche, il classico “Spontini”, il ristorante “Happy Days” e infine da Napoli con furore la “Trattoria Caprese”.

Per chi venisse in macchina e dovesse dunque parcheggiare si consigliano: via Sacco, via Frua e via Raffaello Sanzio (difficile trovare posto in via Marghera…)



The first evening in the new “District 47” chess cafe, located in Marghera 47 street in Milan, was more than satisfying: background music, refreshing beer, wooden chess material, digital clocks … and 12 experienced and motivated chess players!

Various technical level with 1 master, 4 candidate masters , some national categories and some neophytes. Thanks to Scacchi Polimi who participated.

Before to introduce photos, we remind that this space, despite being a social aggregation project developed by Chess Projects, does not depend on membership and chess clubs … EVERYBODY ARE WELCOME.

The only constraints are education, desire to share own chess passion … and MANDATORY CONSUMPTION (at least one per night, at a cost of € 6.00 beer and non-alcoholic drinks and € 8.00 for cocktails)

Next appointment will be on Tuesday 06th February where in addition to the free game will also take place a BLITZ TOURNAMENT (5 minutes) beginning at 21.30 and an amount of rounds not fixed and depending by volume of participants (indicatively between 8 and 12 rounds) with preference for the round robin where each player play with all the others.

Final indications are logistic and various: District 47 is 50 meters far from the exit of the De Angeli subway (red line) located in the middle of the homonymous square. At District 47 is possible to enjoy sandwiches and salads but for those who wants to taste a pizza in Marghera street there are three main ways, all quite cheap, the classic “Spontini”, the restaurant “Happy Days” and last but not least from “Naples with fury” the “Trattoria Caprese”.

For those who come by car and should therefore park, we recommend: via Sacco, via Frua and via Raffaello Sanzio (it is difficult to find a place in via Marghera as well)




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Chess Projects a London Chess Classic 2017

London Chess Classic 2017

Chess Projects è presente alla nona edizione di London Chess Classic, in programma dall’1 all’11 dicembre 2017 presso l’Olympia Conference and Exhibition Centre di Londra.

Reportage fotografico di Matteo Zoldan

London Chess Classic – 11/12/17

London Chess Classic – 10/12/17

London Chess Classic – London Sightseeing

London Chess Classic – 07/12/17 & 08/12/17

London Chess Classic – 06/12/17

London Chess Classic – 05/12/17

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THE THINKERS by David Llada

THE THINKERS by David Llada

THE THINKERS by David Llada

Art experts have revealed to us that painting is neither the stroke nor the colour: it’s the light. Light, that powerful element that shows us Nature in all her splendour. When we watch how the sun disappears at sunset; or how it is born at dawn, while we are listening to Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor; or when we contemplate the Niagara Falls like a gargantuan avalanche of snow that, overflowing our senses, plunges from a green cliff. So powerful is the influence of light that Impressionists fragmented and fractured it in a myriad of dots, thus deforming and enriching our vision at will.

Let us remember that beauty is not subjective – only our perception of it is. Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia is beautiful. Period. The paintings of La Tour and Turner are beautiful; as is a symphony by Mahler, or the Poem about Gifts by Borges; as Marilyn Monroe was.

To photograph chess players is to photograph action – contained dynamism.The player is pondering in a priestly pose, his immobility is but superficial; within there is tension, a turbine at full output, conspicuous or not, depending on the photographer’s skill–an artist who becomes a medium between us and his lens.

The photographer is, doubtlessly, a voyeur and a poacher; one who crouches waiting to capture a wonder. Sometimes he simply shoots and puts his trust in chance rewarding him with a good picture. Other times, he searches for angles, postures and expressions; he lurks cunningly and, with infinite patience, encourages the appearance of an epiphany, that magical moment in which a gesture or expression allows him to capture a unique image, to pass on a story and a drama from where there only seemed to be a chess player before a board.

Much like a machine or a painting, photographic composition consists of several elements, not just gestures or expressions, nor the colourful or exuberant clothing of the player, but also the details that surround human beings in their avatars of competition: chess pieces, board, clock, scoresheets, objects placed on the table –a cup of coffee, a misplaced spoon, a cookie, a crumpled tissue. Objects and featuresthat claim their well-deserved share of the spotlight in the captured frame. The more dramatic and expressive they are, the richer the photograph achieved.

The images of David Llada impact us because they are witness to unique moments in the universal drama of the chequered board. Actors, framings, lights and shadows reveal themselves to us in a perfect orchestration. The photographer, the artist, becomes thereby the inspired notary of an intense, singular atmosphere. And we become the privileged audience of that retrieval of tension, beauty and suffering.

Congratulations, and thank you in the name of chess lovers.

Antonio Gude

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