Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura


Chess Projects is a sport association specialized in teaching that enhances the highly educational side of the game of chess by inserting it in a broader educational context where every detail is taken care of, entertainment included. CHESS SPORT & NATURE

Thanks to the project Chess in School, of which he is the creator and manager and the seriousness and the preparation of its teaching works in prestigious schools in Milan: International School of Europe, International School of Milan, International School of Modena, American School, Istituto Leone XIII, Zaccaria, Istituto Novaro Ferrucci, Istituto Marcelline Tommaseo.

Summer camp "Chess, Sport and Nature" is designed to teach our kids that you can have fun while learning and learn while having fun.

Chess Projects will take care in every aspect thanks to the accommodation in a pristine mountain, quality resort and sport center and selected instructors, teaching fuently in English. So that parents can feltrust, and kids can enjoy a relaxing week of fun, surrounded by nature.

IN COLLABORATION WITH In collaborazione con iCamps

At the heart of our collaboration with PromoS is the desire to continue to develop what we can offer in terms of education and sport. PromoS is a company whose primary purpose is the organisation of sports camps for kids aged from 6-17. For over 15 years, PromoS has been an official partner of AC Milan, organising Milan junior camps in various locations around Italy and the rest of the world.


It is proved that chess helps to develop concentration and meditation, as well as having a strong educational (by respecting opponents and rules) and cognitive (the ability to plan) features. What you will discover is that it is also fun and engaging!
The chess basic training course is designed for children of all ages with little or no previous experience of the game.


Our summer camp wants to share experiences and educational values together, in a context of sport and wildlife and some chess training shaped on skills and experience of partecipants (from absolute beginners to frequent players) so as to become an opportunity for those who want in-depth technical view of competitive events.


Sport center Multiactivities ISEF teacher with a tested didactis experience football, basket, beach volley, mountain bike, sporty climbing... and for girls modern dance – hip-hop.


The success of 2012 and 2013 and new collaboration with Promos as official organiser of Milan Junior Camps led us to improve yet, gather your requirements and transform them into the newness of 2014. So the campus is enriched with new sports such as archery, combining precision and control of forces, mountain biking, to discover nature and enjoy hiking with an enchanting landscape and beach volleyball, a sport explosive and exciting.


Summer camp "Chess, Sport and Nature" takes place in a wonderful location on mountains and quality structures activities always full of fun and nature. To breathe and grow well. There are hikings, a mountain bike and adventure trials designed for kids, all in the company of long experience and high qualifed local guides.


Hotel Planibel ****
11016 La Thuile (AO) - Valle d'Aosta
Tel. +39.049.2956411 • Fax +39.0165.884535
The children stay at the hotel Planibel which is both spacious and comfortable. It has a restaurant arranged over several rooms and the residences themselves are made up of 237 apartments in a variety of types. The 'Piazzetta' or 'Little Square' is the central point of the complex. A meeting point where you can find shops, amusements, ice cream, a pizza restaurant and a supermarket.

Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura Scacchi, Sport & Natura