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What is Chess Projects ASD?
Chess Projects ASD is an amateur sporting association, thus fully no profit, affiliated with the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and the FSI (Italian Chess Federation).

What is our Mission?
Promoting and spreading the game of chess, organising agonistic, national and international chess-related events, using chess as a means of education, development and social growth, and developing chess training at 360°.

Whom was Chess Projects founded for?
It was founded for anyone who loves chess!

Why was Chess Projects founded?
Our aim is to apply our customer service and marketing skills, that were developed in a structured and multinational context, alongside a decade-long chess experience, to plan, develop and promote projects that are high in quality and professionalism.

Where is the Chess Projects ASD head office?
The registered office is in Via Antonio Tantardini, 15 20136 Milano Italy.

How can I support Chess Projects?
We are interested in the opinions, points of view, experience and competence of any chess player. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@chesspro.it to give us your suggestions for ideas and projects.

How does Chess Projects help promote the expansion of chess?
We intend to do so with passion, competence and fun. Thanks to the blitz, semi-blitz, classic and team tournaments that are held nationally and internationally for young people and adults. Thanks to the project “Chess in School”, the “Chess, Sports and Nature” opportunities for young people, the multicultural exchanges and so much more!

Is Chess Projects going to organise events outside Italy?
Yes! We started operating primarily in Italy, but the expansion of our mission includes collaborations as partners and consultants with whomever wishes to globally plan, develop or promote high quality projects with professional aptitude.

I am interested in organising or promoting a tournament, an internship or a chess project, and I am considering a possible partnership or collaboration… Could this be interesting for Chess Projects?
Why not! Do not hesitate to contact us with your projects and goals, our flexibility and availability will surprise you.

Do you organise chess courses, training and internships for young people and adults?
Developing, promoting and spreading the game of chess is a fundamental aspect of our MISSION. We organise individual and group chess courses regularly or upon request. When we organise these events with schools and academic institutions it is part of the “Chess in School” project.

Is there the chance to collaborate with Chess Projects as a promoter or instructor?
Of course! We are always looking for people who want to interact with us showing passion, loyalty and competence. These are the same features we put into the work we do!
We are particularly interested in collaborations relating to developing the “Chess in School” project across Italy.

How can Chess Projects help me grow as an instructor?
Chess Projects coordinates many didactic projects about chess in a number of public and private academic institutions, where instructors can challenge themselves by working in a didactic setting. We also aim to regularly organise seminars to update instructors and to allow them to share and optimise their experiences and technical methods.

What does the Chess Projects team activity entail?
Chess Projects has two competitive teams, participating in the CIS (Italian Team Championship). In the year 2023 it will have two “Chess Projects Surfers” and “Chess Projects Wizards”.

Do you only have adult teams or are there youth teams as well?
At the moment, yes. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@chesspro.it

What are the aims of the team activities promoted by Chess Projects?
Bearing in mind that the main aim of team games is to have fun and create group harmony, from a sporting point of view we aim to have three teams rising towards the biggest series of CIS and Trofeo Lombardia (Lombardy cup) as quickly as possible.

What are the costs of joining Chess Projects ASD?
Adult membership has a yearly cost of € 80.00, whereas for people under the age of 18 it is € 60.00. Additional information can be found here: https://www.chesspro.it/affiliazioni-e-tesseramenti/.
When applying for membership, it is also possible to ask for membership for the Federazione Schacchisti Italiani. Costs for this additional membership can be found here on the FSI website: www.federscacchi.it


Chess Projects ASD: (info@chesspro.it)
President: Matteo Zoldan (matteo.zoldan@chesspro.it)
Vicepresident: Marco Zoldan (info@chesspro.it)
Executive Board: Matteo Zoldan, Marco Zoldan, Silvia Alessia Benvenuti

Manager of contacts with the institutions: Matteo Zoldan
Marketing Manager: Alberto Migliorisi
Graphic design: Laura De Angelis
Blog Area Administrator: Paolo Ettore Della Bianca
Marketing and Communication Manager: Matteo Zoldan
Photographer: Matteo Zoldan
Webmaster: Paolo Ettore Della Bianca

Collaborators of Chess Teaching and Development: Matteo Zoldan (Maestro FSI-Istruttore FSI/Coni-FIDE Instructor), Alberto Visentin (Istruttore Base FSI/CONI), Andrea Sanson (Istruttore Base FSI/CONI), Luca Marzatico (Istruttore Giovanile FSI/CONI), Luciano Carparelli (CM e Istruttore Base FSI), Luca Contini (FIDE Master), Alice Ghiro (Stagista) 

Chess Projects Live commentators: Oscar Wiekzorek (Grande Maestro FIDE), Matteo Zoldan (Maestro FSI/CMF Fide), Davide Di Trapani (Maestro FSI)

Collaborator for Psychomotricity: Mohamed Pierotti Barrie (Dottore in Scienze Motorie)

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