Press release Chess Projects of 29/07


The Italian Chess Federation, on 28/07, published the safety protocol for the practice of chess; the same allows the resumption of competitive activity for events of national interest in compliance with the rules indicated in the protocol itself.

Chess Projects, although feeling dissatisfied again with the content of the protocol which is one of the most restrictive and limiting among those currently in use in the national federations participating in FIDE and trusting that the same could be revised in the previous months, simplifying in some known cases invasive (such as the obligation to wear both the visor and the mask during the game session), the confirmation, in the current state, to proceed with the organization of the 9th Salento International Chess Open 2020.

Caroli Hotels for its part, in addition to being equally favorable, has declared itself ready to give its full support so that the protocol is respected and to implement in parallel additional security measures to guarantee the health of the players and all those who take part in the event.

  • A maximum of 3 game rooms will be made available with a capacity of hosting a total of 90/120 players divided into a maximum of 30/40 per single room, half of what was done in the past
  • The game tables will be single and spaced from each other as required in the protocol in force
  • The rooms will be sanitized at the end of each round and twice a day in case of double rounds and will not be used for other activities
  • At the entrance before the start of each game round, the temperature will be tested with a scanner for each player who intends to access it
  • Access to the game room will be imminent at the start of the round and differentiated
  • Players, the refereeing staff, the organizing staff and the hotel staff will not be admitted to the public gaming room except 1 parent or companion (with delegation) of the minor participating in the tournament
  • All daily accesses will be recorded
  • The analysis room will be outdoors in the area in front of the swimming pool, the game pieces of the analysis room will be sanitized every day
  • Any evening lessons and the daily Masterclass will also be organized outdoors and with the necessary distances in the area in front of the swimming pool
  • Organizational staff and arbitral staff, when present within the playing area, will wear a mask and personal protective visor during the tournament
  • There will be no opening speech for the tournament, and any awards ceremony will be held outdoors and in compliance with the social distance rules

For the players that want to participate:

  1. Fill in the registration form again (even if it was already filled in and sent previously on 06/07/20)
  2. Pay the registration fee by bank transfer within 7 days of completing the form on the site (also for those who are required to pay € 10.00 of the homologation fee only)
  3. Take a careful look at the FSI protocol and sign that you have read and understood its contents (declaration contained in the registration form)
  4. By 12/09/20 by email send your certificate for non-competitive sports (up to and including the FM category) and bring an original copy with it during the course of the event
  5. Before the start of the event, upon your arrival at the tourist facility of the Ecoresort Le Sirenè, deliver the appropriate form to the hotel reception with the self-declaration on your health
  6. Wear the mask and the visor during the game session and leave the game area as soon as your game is over
  7. Use the dispenser containing the appropriate gel to sanitize the hands, located at the entrance of the game room, before accessing the game station and again frequently during the game
  8. Before the start of each round of the tournament, undergo a body temperature check before entering the game room
  9. Maintain the required spacing with your opponent and other tournament participants
  10. Respect all the rules contained in the FSI protocol and the regional ones of the Puglia region where the event takes place

Thanking you for your attention and trusting that these rules can be subsequently softened, we are waiting for you in Gallipoli in September!

Chess Projects ASD

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13th International Chess Tournament of Paleochora


13th International Chess Tournament of Paleohora


18-25 JULY 2020


ORGANIZERS: Municipality of  Kantanos – Selino, Chania Chess Academy
CO – ORGANIZERS: Region of Chania, Greek Chess Federation
TOURNAMENT VENUE: Paleochora Primery School. (Due to the special conditions because of COVID-19, there will be specially formed spaces both in the exterior, and the interior of the school.)
MODE: 9 rounds, Swiss System

FIDE title norms are possible!

TIMETABLE: Registration confirmations until 11:00 a.m. Saturday 18 July 2020. Paring for the first round 15.00 p.m. Saturday 18 July 2020  
Opening Ceremony Saturday 18 July 2020, starting at 17:30
Closing Ceremony   Saturday  25 July 2020,  starting at 16:30

Round 1 Saturday 18 July 18.00
Round 2 Sunday 19 July 10.00
Round 3 Sunday 19 July 18.00
Round 4 Monday 20 July 18.00
Round 5 Tuesday 21 July 18.00
Round 6 Wednesday 22 July 18.00
Round 7 Thursday 23 July 18.00
Round 8 Friday 24 July 18.00
Round 9 Saturday 25 July 10.00

Attention! Any player who arrives more than one hour after the scheduled start of a round shall lose the game by forfeit.  
A player can take a half point exception until round 5. The player should inform the chief arbiter before the pairings for the next round.
TIME CONTROL: 90 min for 40 moves + 15 min for all game + 30 sec per move from the first move.
1) The result between the two players
2) Buchholz
3) Median Buchholz
4) Sonnenborn-Berger

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Spiridakis Ioannis, Naoum Giorgos
MAIN ARBITER: Serntedakis Athanasios

ENTRY FEE: for the Open will be inversely related to grade:
Free – Players with ELO up 2400 + titled players (GM, WGM, IM)
20 € for players with ELO 2300-2399,
30 € for players with ELO 2200-2299,
40 € for players under 18 years old,
40 € for veteran players > 60 years old
50 € for all the other players

PRIZES: Total Prize Fund 6.000 Euro

A Group Special prizes
1st  Winner: 1.500 € 1st under 16 (Boys+girls):cup
2nd  Winner: 1.000 € 1st under 14 (Boys+girls):cup
3rd  Winner: 700 € 1st under 12 (Boys+girls):cup
4th  Winner: 350 1st under 10  (Boys+girls):cup
5th  – 6th place: 2Χ250 €  
7th – 10th  place: 4Χ150 € 1st 4 member team: Cup, medals
1st Woman: 300 € 1st Local player: cup
2nd Woman: 200 € 1st Veteran +60 years old: cup
3rd  Woman: 100 € 2nd – 3rd each category: medal

* For equally matched players, the prices will be shared by the Hort system (50% of the prices are shared equally and the other 50% are shared according the tie breaks)   
* If a player wins two Special categories prices, he takes the bigger one


For the room reservations you can visit the official web site of Paleohora Association of rooms and apartments to let.


Please fill in the Registration form and send it to the following e-mails:,
For more information you can call:
Tsarouha Anelia +30 6974811469 or Koukouraki Elisavet +30 6977545304

Participants must pay the entry fee tax (with the name of the player) into the following bank account:

National Bank of Greece  – account number 494/296016-82,
IBAN GR4801104940000049429601682, BIC (SWIFT Code) – ETHNGRAA
Account owner – Chania Chess Academy

Please, send your entry fee deposit bank paper with the name of the player, scanned by e-mail,
Terminal date of deposit is since 30th of June. After 30th of June, there will be a 5 € increment in entry fees.

(minus 100 ELO units for women due to FIDE Rating)

2600 + 8 days (7 nights) residence in single room Full Board
2500 – 2599 8 days(7 nights)  residence in double room Full Board
2450 – 2499 8 days (7 nights) residence in double room Breakfast
2400 – 2449 50%  discount at the hotel prices  

Attention! The hospital conditions are available for limited number of players and there will be a strict priority list!

TRAVEL INFORMATION: The nearest airport to Paleochora is Chania airport (CHQ)
There will be a bus for those players who are travelling by ship at 18th of July 2020 at 07.00 o’clock at the morning, leaving directly from Souda port to Paleochora.
The ticket price is 5 Euro per person.
Please, if you wish to use it, fill in the necessary information at the registration form.

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ABC Grand Prix


ABC Grand Prix

12-13-14 Giugno 2020

Dopo il grande successo della prima edizione con più di 160 partecipanti e più di 50 titolati FIDE, siamo tornati con più montepremi in palio e un nuovo formato!
3 tornei di scacchi + 1 Super Finale!

Regolamento completo e registrazione su

Canali ufficiali:

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Announcing the FIDE Online Nations Cup


The International Chess Federation and announce the Online Nations Cup, a team competition held May 5-10, 2020. Six teams are due to take part in this competition: Russia, USA, Europe, China, India, plus a team representing the “Rest of the World.”

This epoch-making battle draws some similarities with golf’s Ryder Cup, or with the 1970 “USSR vs. Rest of the World” chess match-up that made headlines in Bobby Fischer’s heyday. But the new “match of the century” will be more global, entirely online, and also gender-inclusive, since the team line-ups must include at least one female player.

Two retired legends, Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik, will be the captains for the European and Indian teams respectively. A former world championship rival of both of them, Viswanathan Anand, will defend the first board of the Indian team.

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FIDE stops the Candidates Tournament

FIDE Candidates Tournament 2020

Today, the government of the Russian Federation announced that starting March 27, 2020, Russia interrupts air traffic with other countries without indicating any time frames.

FIDE can not continue the tournament without guarantees for the players’ and officials’ safe and timely return home. In this situation and on the basis of clause 1.5. Rules of Candidates Tournament, the FIDE President decided to stop the tournament. It will be continued later, with the exact dates to be announced as soon, as the global situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic will allow. As it was stipulated by the special rules agreed with the players before the start of the event, the results of the 7 rounds played remain valid, and the tournament will be resumed in the same composition starting with the games of the 8th round. FIDE is grateful to the players, officials, volunteers and the entire team of organizers, including the Chess Federation of Russia and the main partner of the tournament – SIMA-Land.

Arkady Dvorkovich,
FIDE President


Come ho sempre detto dall’inizio esistono delle priorità, fra tutte la salute e non solo la propria ma quella dell’intera comunità di cui si fa parte perché ogni singolo contagiato danneggia se’ stesso e tutta la comunità, partendo da questo principio ogni manifestazione sportiva deve essere posticipata a data da definire o cancellata.

Mi sono battuto per procedere in tal senso quando la FSI rimandava la decisione di sospendere il CIS e successivamente riguardo alla Finale CIS Master e Femminile e per lo stesso motivo ritengo sia stato altrettanto assurdo che la FIDE abbia deciso di dare inizio a questo evento di profilo mondiale (!).

Per la cronaca è l’unico evento sportivo che mi risultava fosse in svolgimento attualmente… e questo dice molto.

L’altro motivo assurdo nel non rimandare è che fondamentalmente non vi era alcuna controindicazione Importa ma soprattutto alcuna controindicazione lontanamente paragonabile ai rischi di iniziarlo.

Vi rendete conto cosa sarebbe potuto succedere se un giocatore di fosse ammalato ? Sarebbe stato il caos totale.

Per questo motivo la FIDE non può dirsi sfortunata per questo epilogo, largamente prevedibile, può dirsi fortunata che le cose non siano finite peggio.

Adesso a causa dell’errore commesso hanno davanti due soluzioni con pro e contro ma entrambe chiaramente imperfette;

Opzione 1: continuare il torneo, per esempio in autunno, proseguendo da dove si è interrotto, ammettendo Radjabov automaticamente al prossimo ciclo;

Opzione 2: ricominciare l’intero torneo ammettendo Radjabov e aumentando così i giocatori da 8 a 9

Chi fosse interessato a supportare la seconda opzione può firmare la petizione online:

Colgo l’occasione per ringraziare chi ha seguito i commenti online giornalieri di Chess Projects e a coloro che hanno messo a disposizione le proprie competenze ed il proprio tempo gratuitamente: Maestro Davide Di Trapani, FM Roberto Costantini, FM Paolo Formento, FM Loris Cereda e GM Luca Moroni e GM Sabino Brunello che stavano per fare lo stesso (il primo dei due doveva esordire proprio oggi alle 14.00).

Buona continuazione.

Matteo Zoldan
(Chess Projects)

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